Investment Criteria

We are a private investment group and make direct equity investments into non US companies listed on non US exchanges with a capital funding requirement to expand business growth and EBITDA. We require exceptional management, long-term sustainable growth opportunities with the potential to achieve significant milestones over a developmental period. Investment amount is up to USD$500 million, depending on your market cap for a non-controlling share position. Our procedures are very streamlined and rapid.

We seek non US public companies listed on non US exchanges and the investment criteria list adopted by Lambert Private Equity LLC is as follows:

You can achieve significant public announcement milestones during the developmental period.

You determine when you take the capital as and when you need it, subject to share price and volume limitations.

You use the proceeds to grow your business and your EBITDA or to make acquisitions.

Your funds are spent over a developmental period.

If you believe you fit our funding criteria a review and analysis of your business plan will be required as the next step.

Investment Procedures

Screening of potential investment targets is undertaken by Lambert Private Equity LLC applying the following procedures:

Submit your funding request via the email address on the contact page.

If you are a non US company listed on a non US exchange, please include your stock symbol, which exchange you trade on, your market cap and average daily volume.

Include details with respect to how and why you fit our criteria.

Describe how much you need and when you need it.

Include your email address and best times to contact you.

If we proceed we will arrange a meeting or video conference with a member of our investment committee.

If we proceed further, we conduct further investigations and if we are satisfied that you fit our criteria we will send you proposed investment terms and can close the investment contract promptly.

All information is kept private and confidential and at this stage we will review your public company filings to determine whether or not to proceed to the next step and shall notify you of our decision via email.